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Fix PhotoStation Beta update

So in case anyone who is waiting on this hasn't noticed I updated the instructions below as I forgot and thought that PIL came with the standard python distro. Anyway the hold up with the second step is that my windows machine is being rather unsupportive. I had a hard drive corruption issue yesterday and since the reinstall it has not been shy about blue screens. The method I have already works on Unix-like OSes but I need to convert the script to an exe file for it to work on windows. So I either need to export it with py2exe or I need to write the same script in C++ and compile it for windows. I was going to do the latter but I don't think my system will be stable enough for development work for a while (formatting a 2TB drive right now and the system is pretty touchy about doing other things at the same time.) So I went with Py2exe and I'm just waiting to do some testing before releasing stage 2. Should be tomorrow at the latest.
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