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Comment System

Well, I haven't gotten much work done on actual content but I've managed to get a comment system working with RapidWeaver in a way that I like. Disqus is now working though it took a bit of messing around and I eventually had to edit my RapidWeaver template, though I've done that quite a bit already. I thought it was going to be a quick drop in comment system (which it would have been if not for some quirks with RapidWeaver) but it ended up taking quite a while to get just right. I'm adding a how to setup Disqus with RapidWeaver tutorial to my TODO list and am hoping to get at least a little done on my Refactoring tutorial in the next few days. I'm also hoping that people will leave me some good comments telling me what they'd like to see on the site so I don't have to guess from my Google Analytics results :) Comments are welcome in English and French (and other languages, but I will not understand them...) though mon ecriture en Francais est terrible maintenant et mon "keyboard" est seulement Anglais.
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