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Fix PhotoStation Beta

I'll update this post when I have more. I'm helping someone on windows get their photos uploaded and this is the first stage in the process. Here are the instructions for this part:
  1. Install python on whatever OS you like (this stage works on any OS or at least should :) );
  2. Install the Python imaging library (forgot you had to do this separate so if you tried the script and it didn't work this is probably what's wrong.) http://www.pythonware.com/products/pil/
  3. Take the photos that you have and put them in a directory by themselves. It is ok to have subfolders. symbolic and hard links are a bad idea;
  4. Download the script here;
  5. Run this script with the working directory set to the directory you just made. The easiest way to do this is to paste the script in the same directory as the images then go into a shell (cmd on windows or the shell on a Unix-like OS) navigate to that directory and run the script.
  • This is going to make thumbnail jpegs in a folder called customThumbs (because I was testing something and forgot to change it back the first version I put up will make it customThumbs2 please rename this folder to customThumbs if you used that version :)) and fill it with folders and .jpg2 files. These are just regular jpegs I used jpg2 so if you add more images to the folder and rerun the script it won't make thumbnails of the thumbnails. Right now the script will remake all thumbnails though, it doesn't check to see if they already exist.
  • These files are provided as is with no warranty of any nature
  • This doesn't touch videos and only works on jpegs. If you have RAW photos you'll need to convert them to jpegs. Personally I keep my RAWs backed up to a different folder then put my mastered jpegs on the photo station after all the thumbnails will all be jpegs regardless
  • Link to original article
  • If you're reading this please contact Synology and ask them to give me the details of the photo uploading protocol it would make this a lot easier, I asked them here search the page for RagingSloth
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