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Just a quick post for anyone who has ever read this site :) I was doing some work in a not all that internet connected continent there for a while but am back home now and thinking about things to write about. My previous synology photo uploader hasn't seen any real development for a while I've noticed that Synology has a new uploader of their own now but haven't had a chance to benchmark it to see if they learned anything from my explanation as to why their old one was so slow. I have a mass of photos I need to master which certainly hasn't been happening fast and have taken up tinkering with Arduinos. I've also given some thought to renaming the site. RagingSloth seemed like a good enough name when my original intention was to write some simple Facebook games back in the early days of FarmVille but I never really found anyone to partner up and take over the art duties now I'm thinking it might not come off all that professional on a resume (I'm applying to do a part time MASc so while I'm fully employed I have had to write a resume :) ) Anyway if anyone is still out there reading I'd be interested to know if anyone is waiting for more writing on anything I currently have up on the site or perhaps some suggested new site names :)
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