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New version of RapidWeaver

So RapidWeaver 5 came out today and I decided to upgrade. After all I'd gotten version 3 for almost nothing in a bundle and the upgrade to 4 was free so it wasn't that big a deal. Haven't really used many of the new features yet, except the automatic CSS consolidation and compression which hopefully will give at least a little speedup to the site. I've still got mod_pagespeed in the back of my head to get some hardcore acceleration going but in the end I really don't get enough traffic to justify spending a lot of time on it. One of the reasons I like RapidWeaver over CMS solutions is that since my server is only sending out static files performance is pretty smooth. To all those people who desperately want to edit from anywhere, I suggest buying a laptop and feeling secure your server can handle it should you ever make the reddit front page :) Oh one thing about 5 is that the css consolidation and compression really really slows down exports, but an extra minute or so isn't a big deal to me.
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