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I know I said I'd be doing a review of Aperture and I still might but it just didn't do it for me enough to even get into the guts of it. Aperture is much more powerful for dealing with RAW files but it is terrible at dealing with non-RAW files. As a non-pro who wants to have copies of all his photos everywhere he goes I prefer to keep my RAW files in regular folders, convert them with DXO and store the jpegs in iPhoto '11. I like the Facebook integration in iPhoto for showing things to my family quickly and with jpegs browsing is super quick. So if I'm looking for a photo I can find it in iPhoto, then potentially reprocess the RAW to get a better result when I'm actually using the file instead of spending tonnes of time on post processing just after I've taken some photos (which I never do). That means I get nice Consumer photo browsing which is what I use most and I can dig in to creating high quality stuff when I need to. I've also recently purchased a DS212j Network Attached Storage device so I'll be able to get to my RAW images from anywhere with internet access (Of course I'll know exactly which one I want because it will match up to my iPhoto jpeg filename so I'll only have to download the RAWs I want and not browse slowly). More on the NAS in my next post I'm about to type (but I want to keep separate).
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