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New in Camera HDR pictures

I’ve got some new S95 in-camera HDR photos added to the original article. Unfortunately I got the inspiration to take the pictures when I was in my backyard and noticed the sunset and by the time I got around to doing auto-bracketed shots to compare to the in-Camera version the sun had set enough that the scene wasn’t nearly as vibrant and interesting. Due to the unfair advantage I’ll have to do a different comparison later. I did however get a regular photo and an in-Camera HDR shot of a rather nice sunset with some far off mountains. I also have an example of ghosting due to an improperly stabilized camera :|...

Canon S95 HDR to be continued

I’ve noticed in my webmaster tools that a significant amount of my traffic is now people looking for more information regarding the S95 in Camera HDR capabilities. As such the next thing on my list to do is going to be a continuation of my S95 in-Camera HDR review. I’ve decided I’m going to explore the possibilities of using the HDR feature vs the auto-bracketing feature to get a surreal HDR image. I’m actually relatively inexperienced at surreal HDR so this could take me a while and I’m busy with a conference at work this week so might not be this week. You can always subscribe to my RSS feed to find out right away.

Comments and Reddit

I just made a quick change to the template for the site. You’ll notice in the sidebar there is now a button that allows quickly submitting pages to Reddit. The plan is to use reddit to organize comments so I don’t have to :) Basically if you want to leave a comment on an article, submit it to reddit and leave your comment there. I’ve got the Reddit Username RagingSloth.

Canon S95 In-Camera HDR

I decided to take a break from the continuation of my old python script and put up a comparison between a regular photo taken with my new Canon S95 and one taken with the S95 set to HDR mode. The beauty is you don’t really have to do anything too different; just set the camera to SCN select HDR and take photos (with the camera adequately stabilized of course.) Bracketing is done for you and the images are combined in the camera rather quickly. BTW The Camera can also do regular bracketing to allow for manual HDR processing.

I've actually made some updates and plan to make more :)

So I’ve written two updates now related to the original script I wrote for this site quite a while back. I want to get my photography sections up and running but feel like I should finish off that first article (or at least then next logical part of it) before I move on to doing something else. I have decided however that my next article is going to be a cleanup article for the original code. I’m going to go over how to shorten it quite a bit and also update it to use the sub process module instead of the spawnlp function which the python docs suggest against using. I can’t for the life of me remember if it was considered bad practise to use at the time of the initial tutorial writing but it was meant as a sort of one off throwaway script that I was going to build on anyway :).

Next Up Multithreading

Well it has been a long time since I wrote the PNG optimizer script that I have up here. I was always meaning to make it multithreaded in a stage of articles and that is what I have planned for my next update hopefully coming sooner than the latest ones.

First Instalment is ready

New Look totally implemented

I finally got the site moved to a new look and setup so I can use RapidWeaver to control it from here on out. Turns out there are a few things about RapidWeaver I don’t like.
  1. No table support. I was able to copy and paste a table in but using the rich text type of page (where the automatic stuff RapidWeaver does works) links in the table appears outside of it... I ended up having to do a straight html page and doing all the markup for the one table.
  2. RapidWeaver templates have a tonne of css and js files that YSlow complains to me about and are totally ruining my score.
  3. RapidWeaver won’t manage all my files for me like .htaccess files and doesn’t have and easy way to just make directories and put things in them. I wish I had more fine grained control.
Anyway the site is up and I probably will never suffer anything from these gripes (other than the time spent trying to get that damn table right,) so I guess now I have to look into generating some more content.

New Look

After seemingly forever without any updates I’m moving this site over to a new theme. I’ve decided to use RapidWeaver to keep things going though I’m not all that sure about it at this point.