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New pictures finally up

I've finally gotten around to adding comparison pictures from the Grand Canyon to my in-camera HDR article. Now you can see an example of some of the uglier results that can come out of the In-Camera feature, but keep in mind that it does a decent job in reasonable lighting. So from here I think I'm going to continue with my parallel png optimizer tutorial and then figure out what's next. If anyone has any article requests feel free to put them in the comments.

Upcoming Canon S95 HDR addition

So for another 6 days I'm working about 13 hours a day and won't get to see the sun. I'm typing this while downing spaghetti before going to bed at 8pm. Such is the life sometimes in my chosen profession. Anyway I thought I'd blog some quick points about my S95 HDR pics of the Grand Canyon that are coming.

  • While I am a fan of the in-camera HDR feature I've had my first disappointments with some shots. The setting works well for quick HDR like I've said before, but does a poor job when there are extreme lighting differences, at least with the source material at the Grand Canyon. Some of the mountains look terrible in the background. I haven't tried to fix tis yet with photoshop but it is at the least an annoying extra task and more work than auto-bracketing.
  • The auto-bracketing shots I took worked out well, with my mini tripod and setting a delay before shooting. One set of 3 images had to be corrected by only one pixel in one of the images. Without the delay setting significantly more adjustment was required but FDR Tools was able to set things up without noticeable ghosting.
  • Photoshop Elements did a pretty bad job of combining the photos prompting me to buy the full version of FDR Tools which is very impressive.
  • I still like the in-camera feature and defend it against the criticisms I've read on other sites. After all, FDR Tools running on my MacBook Pro (2.5GHz dual core) takes almost a minute to generate an HDR image while my camera running on a battery and fitting in my hand does it in approximately 7 seconds. Just keep in mind that the feature is only meant for certain applications and scenes (and skill levels).

So the future article will elaborate on these points and give some photos to back things up.

On another point I'm going to be playing around with mod_pagespeed in a virtual machine and figuring out why it screwed up my site formatting so eventually I'll have something out on that. If you want to know when it comes out the
RSS feed is the best way to go.

As for me I've got 43 minutes till bed...


So I ran into an article on mod_pagespeed from google and decided to install it on my server. It was doing some pretty cool things to make things go faster and looked like it was going great. I was doing my testing with Firefox and never noticed any problems. Suddenly I realized however that the page no longer rendered correctly in chrome or safari. As such mod_pagespeed is now out for RagingSloth.com for the immediate future. If you had trouble accessing the site I apologize and ask that you clear your browser cache. Of course if you loaded the site while mod_pagespeed was on then you will probably have to clear your browser cache just to read this...

Refactoring Article Done

I felt guilty for spending so much time on my comment system without providing any new content so I've gone ahead and finished the png optimizer refactoring article. Next up is to get through my Grand Canyon HDR pics (that is going to take me a while.) and then my newly decided upon RapidWeaver+disqus tutorial. I hate to keep delaying things but it looks like I'm on 12 hour shifts starting Wednesday and lasting until next Thursday. I might be able to get a little writing done while at work but we'll have to see.

Comment System

Well, I haven't gotten much work done on actual content but I've managed to get a comment system working with RapidWeaver in a way that I like. Disqus is now working though it took a bit of messing around and I eventually had to edit my RapidWeaver template, though I've done that quite a bit already. I thought it was going to be a quick drop in comment system (which it would have been if not for some quirks with RapidWeaver) but it ended up taking quite a while to get just right. I'm adding a how to setup Disqus with RapidWeaver tutorial to my TODO list and am hoping to get at least a little done on my Refactoring tutorial in the next few days. I'm also hoping that people will leave me some good comments telling me what they'd like to see on the site so I don't have to guess from my Google Analytics results :) Comments are welcome in English and French (and other languages, but I will not understand them...) though mon ecriture en Francais est terrible maintenant et mon "keyboard" est seulement Anglais.