Raging Sloth Tech

SOPA/PIPA Blackout

If anyone reading this tried to use the site today they probably noticed that the server didn't respond. I decided to join the SOPA/PIPA blackout but rather than go with a banner actually show anyone who wanted to visit what a censored web might be like. PIPA and SOPA are really really really bad laws. The entertainment industry is banging its anti-piracy drum but they seem to not understand or simply don't care about how terrible the laws they are proposing are. For more information please take a look at the wikipedia article on the subject.

Technical Difficulties

Had some down time in the domain name switchover but it looks like everything is now working fine with NameCheap rather than GoDaddy. Also discovered that something was wrong with my mail server and I wasn't being notified when people posted comments. I've gone through and responded to a couple. My sincere apologies for taking so long. Of course whatever doesn't kill us only makes us stronger and hopefully I'll get to writing some more articles.