Raging Sloth Tech

Flickr account

I've decided I don't want to do all the work to manage any online photo albums and as such have created a Flickr account. I only have one set up for now but I plan to expand it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ragingsloth/

MPIX print

I just received my new prints from MPIX. Definitely an improvement over previous prints but nowhere near as bright as my soft proofing would have me expect. One thing that I've noticed with each MPIX print is that some of the colours that were a little washed out in the photo are much more vivid. My particular photo involves a tiger cub in the sun and the brighter parts of his/her back are kind of a washed out orange which MPIX seems to correct however the background is much darker than when I soft proof. MPIX does have a guarantee that I might look into but even what I have is significantly better than the Apple prints. Also MPIX sent my my larger print in a box with a sturdy backing while Apple shipped rolled up in a triangular box.

Finally finished new Image Optimizer Article

The script has been expanded to make it easy to add new file types and also to run jpeg rescan on jpeg files. Please read the warning I've put in a few places as running jpegrescan on a jpeg can affect your ability to open the file in photoshop later, don't run jpeg rescan on your originals. The article is here.

Next update is almost ready

My updates have been suffering from a combination of indecision as to the best way to finish the script in the article I've been working on and two colds... I can't believe I got sick again basically right after I got over my last one but I think it may have had something to do with a lot of alcohol and being out in freezing weather on New Years.

In addition to writing another script I've also ordered some photo prints and as such have come to realize that having set my XSi to use Adobe RGB for whatever reason a while ago was a bad idea (to be honest I'd totally forgotten). At first I was taking mostly RAW shots but the file management was annoying given the significantly larger file sizes and the extra time it takes for programs to be able to display them. Now that I switched back to jpegs I didn't even think about the camera colour profile.

I was going to compare my apple prints to some I got from MPIX but I realized that I'd mistakenly sent Adobe RGB to MPix which requests everything in sRGB. Apple doesn't actually say anything anywhere about colour profiles when ordering prints through iPhoto and the MPix results were still better (for the specific shots I ordered,) but before I put up any comparisons I want to see what MPix comes back with when I actually provide them with what I was supposed to :) I also did some soft proofing with the MPix provided colour profiles which may seem unfair, but Apple doesn't provide colour profiles or even claim any sort of consistency between prints anyway... The general impression I got was that Apple prints are cheaper and are probably suitable for most of the prints a person might want to do, however the prints I ordered came back significantly darker than they look on my colour calibrated IPS monitor and a lot of detail was lost. Mpix of course was also dark but this makes sense when you realize the way Adobe RGB works compared to sRGB and in using the Mpix colour profiles I've lightened some of the shadowed areas to work better with their printers (which I can't reliably do when ordering from Apple). More to follow on that one.

Oh and the new Apple App Store has Aperture 3 for significantly less than the retail version. There are things I definitely like better about Aperture vs iPhoto 11, but also things that I like better about iPhoto 11 than aperture... I might get a copy and keep a separate aperture library of all my photos on an external HDD while keeping iphoto on my laptop and using it for showing people photos while I'm away and any sharing I do with them. I'm also thinking I might switch my xsi back to RAW and maintain a RAW library on aperture and jpeg conversions in iphoto to reduce the use of my laptop's relatively small drive (256GB, because it is an SSD).