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Site Menu Reorganization

As I have a few more things I plan on writing as follow ons to my png optimizer scripts, I've decided to reorganize them under an index page and free up space in the sidebar menu under software engineering. Next up I'll be making the script more generic so that it can be used on files other than png files, then I'll be hooking it into a GUI to make it into a useful application. I haven't really written anything under Photography for a while but I'm kind of at a loss for what will interest people as most of my photo related traffic is about the HDR functionality of the S95 and I'm not really sure what I could add to that. If anyone has any requests for content feel free to mention them in the comments (I get a reasonable number of hits every day... Why doesn't anyone ever comment?)

Parallel version of PNG optimizer

As promised I've finished the last instalment of my parallel png optimizer tutorial. If you go to the third page you'll see a nice walkthrough of the python multiprocessing module's Pool functionality and it applied to the png optimizer script.

Multi Processing Article almost finished

I am most of the way through the last page of the Multiprocessing update for the png optimizer script. It might not be the next update I make to the site but the next png optimizer article I write after that will be transitioning the script to a GUI interface. Anyway it is only 11:10PM right now but I'm pretty tired after being up late last night so the article should be up tomorrow sometime.

New version of RapidWeaver

So RapidWeaver 5 came out today and I decided to upgrade. After all I'd gotten version 3 for almost nothing in a bundle and the upgrade to 4 was free so it wasn't that big a deal. Haven't really used many of the new features yet, except the automatic CSS consolidation and compression which hopefully will give at least a little speedup to the site. I've still got mod_pagespeed in the back of my head to get some hardcore acceleration going but in the end I really don't get enough traffic to justify spending a lot of time on it. One of the reasons I like RapidWeaver over CMS solutions is that since my server is only sending out static files performance is pretty smooth. To all those people who desperately want to edit from anywhere, I suggest buying a laptop and feeling secure your server can handle it should you ever make the reddit front page :) Oh one thing about 5 is that the css consolidation and compression really really slows down exports, but an extra minute or so isn't a big deal to me.

Dry Spell :)

It sure has been a while since I've put up some updates. Never fear however because I've finally started working on my parallel version of my pngoptimizer. Now unfortunately google analytics tells me that the vast majority of my traffic is people who have come here for the articles I've written on my S95 and particularly my experiences with the HDR feature. I'm assuming that these people have little to no interest in my python tutorials but I do think they may be interested in the finished product. I'm going to go through the steps of making the optimizer work with png images and then expand it to also run jpegrescan on jpeg images (all the heavy lifting is done by the programs it calls anyway). So if you're a photographer or aspiring photographer you may be interested as running jpegrescan on your pictures is a pretty good way of shrinking them down just a little without losing detail and potentially posting them on a website (be forewarned that it will remove your copyright data however to make the file even smaller and I've noticed that photoshop can no longer properly display the graphics either, though every other program I've used does just fine). Anyway eventually these python tutorials will culminate in a user friendly gui application that you can use to run commands on filetypes recursively in a directory. So for example you could have an html shrinking program, a png optimizing program, a jpeg optimizing program, configure this app to run them and let it loose in a web directory to optimize all the files held within.

Anyway after a lot of deliberation I've decided to use the python multiprocessing module rather than my initial plan to use sockets and fork, I'm still undecided as to the gui toolkit to use but that will come later anyway.

PS: if anyone has any requests for articles please leave them in the comments.