Raging Sloth Tech


If anyone is following the uploader development they probably noticed it has stalled. There is a minor connection issue with the Uploader which I've been unable to diagnose due to my physically moving and my NAS not being setup. I've had it reported to me but I've only seen it while using the uploader from outside of my LAN. Right now the uploader uses multiple upload processes but this leads to almost no gain as while more than one upload will be accepted by the NAS the overall throughput it will accept seems to be constant (so if you have 4 processes each will run at 25% speed). I'm going to switch back to a single connection for the uploads which should help me isolate the problem and add an exception handler that will naively close and reopen the connection when something goes wrong (a certain number of times before failing) and log information on the exception encountered to help me eventually put in a more graceful fix. Of course my NAS is sitting on a chair in my living room and my possessions are still very thrown about. So if anyone would like a copy of the uploader let me know and I'll get you a copy of the beta as it is and the patched version should be coming in the next few weeks.