Raging Sloth Tech

Hockey play offs are over

So we didn't win. We actually didn't make it to the semi-finals which was a rather major upset after being 2nd place most of the year. Such is life though I suppose. Hopefully I'll find some time tomorrow to get some useful stuff up for my NAS article. As I said I would I contacted Synology and asked about the protocol for uploading thumbnails to try and make a nice neatly packaged uploader for everyone. He responded that he'd forward my request to the developers but I haven't heard anything since then. It would be pretty sweet if they hooked me up :). If not I can still make the process much faster than it is but it will be more of a hassle (you'll have to make changes to the Synology assistant files as well as run a script to generate the thumbnails separate from the assistant to upload them.)

Update to NAS article. Still not finished

As the title says. The article still isn't ready to solve your problems but it now lays out how I approached the problem, what I plan on posting in the near future script-wise and what I want to accomplish in the end.