Raging Sloth Tech

Still not dead haven't given up

So this article is taking a while longer than I thought. Summer is a busy time for my job and I was assigned a few secondary positions in the last couple of months. I have made some progress but the big question is how to make it simple for people to use. It is simple for me right now but I'm a computer engineer who happens to have written it :) I asked Synology for information on the upload protocol here: http://blog.synology.com/blog/?p=221 (search for RagingSloth on the page) and never heard anything (I really don't know why they would keep it secret?) If you're reading this right now please contact Synology and ask them to give me the details so I can make a really good photo uploader app. Right now I rely on altering the synology photo uploader and a two step process that would take me a while to explain and isn't as efficient as I can make it (though it is massively faster than the synology one which does a really bad job of managing memory, pipelining and making use of multiple cores.)
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