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Almost done of my third party PhotoStation uploader

So right now I have a script that will successfully upload a single file and save login information and such in an encrypted file accessible through a single password (hard to explain but took a good deal of time) this way you can use a simple password for the uploader and have a more complex password for the NAS saved so it isn't in cleartext on your hard drive. Right now the script just uploads the same file for all of the thumbnails and for the original file and only works on a single file at a specific location. So obviously I need to change it so it will accept any file or collection of files and combine it with the thumbnail generation code I already have (and adjust it a bit as there is no longer any need to save intermediate files to disk it can all be done from main memory.) So I need to use wireshark to sort out how things change when you upload more than one file and how to query directories and make new ones. I would probably have a totally working uploader script right now if I'd left the encryption out but what can I say I am security minded and I liked the idea of branching out into a different module for a while.
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