Raging Sloth Tech

New Look totally implemented

I finally got the site moved to a new look and setup so I can use RapidWeaver to control it from here on out. Turns out there are a few things about RapidWeaver I don’t like.
  1. No table support. I was able to copy and paste a table in but using the rich text type of page (where the automatic stuff RapidWeaver does works) links in the table appears outside of it... I ended up having to do a straight html page and doing all the markup for the one table.
  2. RapidWeaver templates have a tonne of css and js files that YSlow complains to me about and are totally ruining my score.
  3. RapidWeaver won’t manage all my files for me like .htaccess files and doesn’t have and easy way to just make directories and put things in them. I wish I had more fine grained control.
Anyway the site is up and I probably will never suffer anything from these gripes (other than the time spent trying to get that damn table right,) so I guess now I have to look into generating some more content.
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