Raging Sloth Tech

House is a mess but Beta almost here

So my house purchase is a mess right now. The owners didn't mention a few expensive safety related defects during the price negotiation and now they don't want to bother fixing them.

On the Beta front however I've switched to using pgmagick (an interface for GraphicsMagick) instead of PIL and everything is working. The colour related issues I saw with PIL are gone though for some reason the thumbnails don't seem as sharp. I think the convert utility is using resizing algorithms that aren't available through pgmagick as it only connects the C++ interface and not the C one. It is also possible that unsharp mask isn't working correctly (or perhaps at all). The speed difference is still there though I haven't done any large scale comparisons yet to confirm it is exactly the same I know that CPU utilization is minimal so I'm still bound by the upload process. I run unsharp mask with the same options that the Synology uploader does and I've even added in regular sharpening but it doesn't seem to be doing much. In the end though the colours are correct this time and I think I've reached the point of good enough. Anyway I've spent far too much time on this tonight so I'll try to clean it up and get it out to my volunteer testers tomorrow.
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