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Synology NAS Photo Speed fix

I kind of feel bad mentioning this without the article up yet but I spent way more time than I counted on getting to this point :). Basically I find it cavepersonish to not have access to my entire photo library from wherever I am over the internet and I don't want to pay a monthly fee to use someone else's cloud space. So that leaves the reasonably full featured Photo Station in my DS212j NAS. Of course as anyone who owns a Synology NAS knows it takes forever to get photos up on the damn thing as the process of generating thumbnails is ridiculous. Even with the Synology Assistant program large uploads (like the first time you put your library up) take an excruciating amount of time. For two systems one running two instances of the Synology Assistant (to try and make use of the second core) it took more than a full day to transfer 3455 files. I've tried quite a few things and now I have some scripts that have significantly shortened that timeframe. I'm not totally sure how long in total but it seems like the same library is going now at around 3-5 hours (it's still running and I'm not totally sure when I started the process) Also the thumbnails I'm generating are significantly smaller than those automatically made by the NAS. I'm going to put my scripts up and do a quick article on what I did and why, but right now I need to go to bed.
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