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Beta is done just Hopefully I'll be able to distribute tomorrow

It is late and the Beta is done. I timed one of my test runs and my code came in at 54 seconds (HTTPS) and 46 seconds (HTTP) compared to 2 minutes 8 seconds for the DSAssistant uploader (keep in mind the NAS was not under controlled conditions there may have been some time machine backups going on I'll need to reboot the NAS at some point and figure out just where I'm at performance wise). Of course there are a few things to consider. For one my code isn't performing unsharp mask while the DSAssistant is, though I have a bit of a beast of a machine and it seems to grind through the unsharp mask a lot faster than my old one did. As well the upload process seems to be pretty slow and since my code is parallel I'm thinking I can add unsharp mask almost for free time-wise. I have a few other things to look into to speed things up, for example right now all the thumbnails are generated in separate processes and then returned to the main process to be uploaded from one place. If I have each worker process upload its own images that might speed things up dramatically (most likely all the images are being sent over a socket back to the main process). I could also try just parallelizing the uploads to begin with but the NAS seems to be the weakest link in this process anyway so I might not get any additional speed. I guess I should also mention my approach can use HTTPS while the DSAssistant cannot (important if you want to upload from outside your home network since your password will be sent in the clear…) and my approach creates all the images in memory so no temporary files, oh and from what I can tell DSAssistant seems to be using the file modified property of the files to determine when they were taken while my approach checks for when the photo was created in the Exif data (this would explain why my photos never seem to be in the proper order when I sort them by date) and one last thing even if I can get the files to upload faster the NAS already can't keep up with the upload process so even after the upload it will be a while before PhotoStation is up to date if you have a large upload. Anyway I have work tomorrow and really have to get to bed. The week isn't a good time for me (work and all) but I'll try to get the uploader released ASAP.

BTW if anyone just got a NAS and wants to do a huge upload let me know in a comment.
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